My Coronavirus Experience

For my Writing of Electronic Media class, we were assigned a final project that require us to make a personal narrative about the Coronavirus and its’ impact on our lives. At first the project seemed very difficult but with a little practice, I managed to make my first animation with the help of Animaker! Here’s… Continue reading My Coronavirus Experience

Cantina Rooftop

Following the boring weeks of quarantine and uncertainty about the Coronavirus, my sister and I came across a rooftop in the Lower East Side of Manhattan on Instagram! Cantina offers a Mexican styled dinning experience with a view of Manhattan. They offer various Mexican cuisines and  specially made cocktails and other drinks. Drinks I went… Continue reading Cantina Rooftop

Miss Korea BBQ

Korean barbeque refers to the grilling of various kinds of meat according to various Korean styled recipes. In a traditional setting, the grilling/cooking of the meat would be done right at the dinning table. However, my experience with Korean Barbeque was a COVID-19 catered event. Even though our food was prepared and brought to the… Continue reading Miss Korea BBQ