Miss Korea BBQ

Korean barbeque refers to the grilling of various kinds of meat according to various Korean styled recipes. In a traditional setting, the grilling/cooking of the meat would be done right at the dinning table. However, my experience with Korean Barbeque was a COVID-19 catered event. Even though our food was prepared and brought to the table, the experience and taste was nothing but exceptional from Miss Korea BBQ located in Korea Town Manhattan.


I chose to go the usual route I would and order a cocktail while my friend got a jasmine tea. My Pina Colada was strong but tasty. The jasmine tea was exceptional and it was served with an actual flower inside. Since it was a cold day so a warm drink was the perfect pair for our meal. Both drinks were also adequately prepared and lasted for the duration of our meal. Subsequently after our main course however, we both decided to order another round of teas. I requested a lemon blend while my friend went with a ginger blend.


The menu caters to different meat eaters. You can choose a plater with strictly seafood, meat or both mixed together. Many platters are also served with white rice and extra vegetables on the side. The portions are very satisfying because it is enough to keep you full and satisfied after a meal.


Overall I enjoyed my experience at Miss Korea BBQ. Even with outdoor dinning in the coldest season of the year, they managed to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere to ensure their customers’ safety. The servers were friendly and their services were efficient. For 2 rounds of drinks and 2 main courses we spent about $80 and it was worth its’ price tag. I would 10/10 recommend for you to also try this spot out in Korea Town, Manhattan.

Byeeee! 😊


  1. Hello, Vinka. I really enjoyed your article, and I, too, am a big fan of Korean barbecue. My friends and I have made it a monthly tradition to go for a k-bbq because we enjoy it.

  2. I enjoyed reading your experience! I look forward to seeing you gain some recognition and sponsors in the future. As long as you don’t stop eating, you will be fine!

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